Pay attention to our two loveable children Kittu and also Chittu, indulging in some routine daily conversations with each other that are loaded with fun/humor as well as some insane logic. Representing a care free perspective, in these Hindi chutkule, both the children enjoy to examine each various other’s knowledge on specific topics. Commonly they get drawn right into some whacky debates that are loaded with true innocence from deep in their hearts that is unique to kids of this age group.

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If you feel your ideal on the planet absolutely nothing does matter that will certainly make you satisfied individual. Serial No.Episode TitleEpisode Description61Answer Hai 55Kittu and Chittu are composing a test and also Kittu is trying to aid Chittu with an answer. Shall we figure out exactly how does that go?

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Listen on.73 Doctors Aur Students Key SimilarityChittu wonders to recognize if doctors as well as students have any type of resemblances. As well as we assume Kittu has a perfect solution.74 Pen Aur PencilKittu is shocked that Chittu has brought a pen to college when madam has actually categorically inquired to utilize pencils. 75Mummy Ka Birthday Celebration GiftIt was Kittu’s mummy’s birthday celebration as well as Chittu needs to know if she got any type of birthday present as well as what occurred after that?

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