Discover Monte Argentario Tuscany: Best Things to Do and See
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There are several natural hidden gems in Tuscany. Its infinite coast presents a dreamy beach which is overlooking a crystal clear water. One of the most beautiful places in Tuscany is Maremma, it is situated in the southern territory of Grosseto. It has just as rich Mediterranean vegetation.

Besides, this piece of Tuscany has a splendid sea, with transparent water and wonderful colors. Actually, Monte Argentario has become the most renowned and exclusive tourist destination in Italy because of its breathtaking views and wild beaches.

This place is near Orbetello and connected to the mainland including two strips of land. In addition, you will be spoiled by the excellence of its landscapes, like Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano, which have made Argentario a well-known tourism destination.

So, let’s find out the most beautiful beaches, activities, and all the things to see in Monte Argentario. This would be perfect to start a plan for your amazing trip to Tuscany!

1. Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano

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There are several hidden gems in Tuscany to be discovered. Visit Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano, there is an ancient seafront village which is dominated by a fortress. Besides, there is a chic destination patronized by several yachts as well as a town where fishing is still a tradition here.

In addition, you can discover the best cuisine available in a typical restaurant while strolling around these cities. But, the most beautiful landmarks of Monte Argentario are not all found close to its occupied centers. The famous Spanish Fortresses are such as Porto Santo Stefano, Forte Stella, and Forte Filippo which are the magnificent buildings surrounded by greenery.

Moreover, there are several little palaces that were built in the Spanish era. It served to protect the Mount from attack by Saracen privateers. In addition, you can also enjoy on the top of the Mount, there is a church which offers breathtaking views! Such a perfect idea!

When you can reach the highest point of the mountain, it is the perfect experience for trekking and mountain bike lovers. The excellent nature trails wind through woods and charming scenes until you can reach a height of around 700 m. Here you can see a 360° panoramic view of the Orbetello lagoon.

2. Argentario Golf Club

Image by Argentario Golf Resort & Spa’s Photostream

In addition, there is a golf course including 18 holes at the Argentario Golf Club. You can see an incredible vertical wall under the towers of Capo d’UOmo where you can climb and discover its secret parts of coast during a sailboat ride. Actually, this is such a perfect idea for several coves, natural caves, and Monte Argentario’s surrounding areas.

But, if you prefer to drive your own car, you can explore Argentario on the stunning panoramic road which is connected to the main attractions and offers some splendid views you might like.

3. Beaches of Feniglia, Giannella, and Cala del Gesso

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Take a look at Monte Argentario which also has an unbelievable ocean and several beautiful seashores. Every quality of coast is not quite the same as the others and presents one of a kind highlights which makes it suitable for various kinds of visitors.

Along the two coastlines connecting to the Mount to Orbetello, you will find the long sandy beaches of Feniglia and Giannella. It is situated inside the Mediterranean clean of two large Nature Reserves. This stretch of coast is ideal for your whole family, as it is equipped with several comfortable things and is easy to reach.

In addition, if you rather spend the time on wild beaches, you can visit the spectacular beaches of Cala del Gesso which is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in Tuscany.

Besides, there are La Cacciarella or Cala Grande, it is quite far from the centers and can be reached by long downhill paths. It might be tiring but it’s definitely worth visiting! The landscape, rocky beaches, crystal waters, and unique marine fauna are the things you will probably enjoy here.

The last spot you should visit is Cala Mar Morto: this little seashore tucked away among the precipices presents a wonderful characteristic pool with perfectly clear waters!

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