Top 5 Best Places to Get an Incredible View of Tuscany
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Tuscany is well known for its landscapes often imagined as soft and pretty. There are several rolling hills topped by medieval walled towns and winding streets lined by cypress trees. Besides, to these stunning peaceful panoramas, the region of Tuscany also offers more dramatic landscapes that are no less beautiful and perfect for hiking.

So, it’s your time to browse this list below to know 5 best views in Tuscany and look forward to adventures with your loved ones as soon as possible. Keep scrolling down because Tuscany will never disappoint you!

1. The Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona and Campigna

This national park in the Apennine area of Tuscany and Romagna was established in 1993. It protects more than 365 square kilometers of Italian flora and fauna. It is divided between the regions of Florence, Arezzo, and Forli-Cesena and is home to the best protected and biggest woodland in Italy.

Over the recreation center, you will discover mountains, valleys, springs, and more than ten villages. You can also enjoy several interesting things such as biking, horse-riding, climbing, and bird-watching.

2. The Passo di Dante

The Passo di Dante on Monte Pisano is located close to Pisa. It is an incredible spot for those who look for charming views. Monte Pisano has many various routes to look over. The Passo di Dante is a moderate 5km circle that starts close to San Giuliano Terme and Santa Maria del Giudice and heads up to the pinnacle of Monte Pisano and takes in views over the landscape.

Take a look to the story behind Passo di Dante, it was taken from the 33rd canto of the first book in Dante’s famous series, Inferno. The passage refers to Dante’s conversation with Ugolino di Guelfo Della Gherardesca and Count of Donoratico. This spot is a simply-breathtaking and a must-visit place to those who explore Pisa and who want to admire the incredible landscapes in the area.

3. Monte Oliveto

Image by renzo dionigi

One of the most popular landscapes in Tuscany must be the extraordinary Crete Senesi. This spot is at the heart renowned rolling hills and perfectly panoramas which make this region famous. This is the regularly charming Tuscan landscapes of textbook images, postcard shots, and holiday photos.

In addition, the best spot to take pictures is from Monte Oliveto. It is situated near the town of Asciano. There are around ten diverse climbing routes in and around Monte Oliveto to look over. You will be spoiled by the breathtaking views over this lovely part of Tuscany.

4. The Grande Traversata Elbana

Image by Hedonistic Hiking

The Grande Traversata Elbana, or Great Elba Crossing, is a long circuit of routes and trails around the Tuscan island of Elba. It is the primary route that crosses the island. It is a trekking route that moves in an east to west direction, starting from Cavo, close to the north-eastern finish of the island, and afterward crossing the central ridge Elba towards Monte Capanne.

The north-western area passes through the valley of Rio Gabbiola and reaches out to the tip of Polveraia, while the south-western route extends down to Pomonte. But, it is around 60km long and takes days to finish. Besides, if you’re not up for a whole holiday of extraordinary trekking, you can simply look over the changed sections and go on a day trip or for two or three hours.

5. Pratomagno

Image by Stefano Ermano

The Pratomagno Mountain Range is located between Casentino and the upper Valdarno. It is an incredible, rich, and beautiful piece of Tuscany which is made up of slopes by a few streams, wrinkles, hillocks, fields, groves, and forests. There are several forests of the area which become home to oak, beech, chestnut, pine, and fir trees, and many more.

Along with it, you’ll experience a wide range of excellence from windflowers in spring and summer, to brilliant leaves in harvest time, to towering snow-capped tops in winter, to a various biological system of greenery, and substantially more than as you advance along trails. At that point, after arriving at the peaks in the area, you’ll be spoiled with all panoramic views.

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