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As they showed up to save him, Kenichi was stunned to see Miu having pertained to assist Sakaki as well as was left to watch his battle with Christopher with Miu combating his female guards. Kenichi really felt weak due to Miu quickly defeat their opponents ryozanpaku kyoto easily and just how he can’t do anything. After Sakaki was sent out of the home window as a result of Gauche having followed them, Kenichi would certainly combat Christopher and even take care of to land a hit and also make him bleed.

Kenichi is a young man of ordinary elevation with tool size spiky brownish hair in the back as well as some hanging in the overlook the sides as well as brown eyes. He generally uses his lengthy sleeved blue college attire with the Yin Yang badge profession to him by Miu for a Cat badge when they were more youthful. He wears his wrests guards offered to him by the Elder and also Miu whenever he combats with a weapon customers. When not in college or training, for casual wear, he’s seen in pants as well as a simple t-shirt that tends to either appear or great looking and with stripes. In several brows through each time some errors were made with orders; came late, and/or order never ever made it to the table yet wound up on the bill. Itosho is a shojin-ryori restaurant significance that they serve 100% vegan food.

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He also commented that fighting Kenichi while in that state was like dealing with a martial arts text book. This endurance is best seen during the D of D arc as well as most specifically during his fight with Shō Kanō, where Kenichi endured several strikes that would certainly have probably seriously injured or killed a normal person. After a very long and also brutal fight, Kenichi eventually wins with Miu tearfully adding to him as well as embracing him, congratulating his triumph.

The following evening, at one of the areas with an Akabanetou; Kenichi, Sakaki, Shigure, and also Tōchūmaru were preparing to secure the sword. Akisame had established individuals to guard where the swords are more than likely going to be swiped. He after that became bordered by Chikage, Mikumo and Kagerō (that took Kenichi’s phone as well as told Akisame he would not make in time). Nevertheless, Kagerō was begging Kenichi to have Shigure give his sword back while weeping, surprising him.

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Read more about ryozanpaku kyoto here. He would state killing him in one strike, yet Kenichi had the ability to block it and also require him to make use of a 2nd relocation. In their 2nd match, they were combined against non-other than the Elder (camouflaged as Garyū X).

When Miu informed them the disk was damaged Niijima told them that the disk was a decoy in truth nothing got on it however hours of nijima doing his bad laugh the true data he saved on a flash drive. Niijima was about to offer the disk to the politician called Seiji Ishida, however Kenichi noticed his ki and stopped Niijima. He after that exposed himself to be a master class weapon user as well as political leader that is apart of Yami. Collared with no place to go already realizing if they ran he would capture them. Kenichi as well as everyone else all decided to eliminate also if they died as well as they all fought him at once. He informs them one master is always chosen to monitor as well as secure Kenichi when he goes on objectives or when there is a situation and this moment it was him. as well as he had actually been following them from the extremely start. He informs Kenichi that despite the fact that they informed him not to combat a master he directly does hate Kenichi having the nerve to combat one.

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When Shigure offered to offer Kagerō her fathers sword so he would certainly safeguard Kenichi, he concurred as well as Kenichi tossed him the sword while being lowered by a tools user however was conserved at the last 2nd by Kagerō. Kenichi then provided Chikage ahead to Katsujinken, however she rejected despite being relocated by his deal. Their very first suit was against the Three-Headed Dragon Group and also both battled with each other to win and protect Ma’s honor, regardless of Kenichi ridiculing him for being a deviant and “dragging Ryōzanpaku’s name in the mud”. During the evening, Shō would attempt to take Miu away once again only this moment with more pressure reaching to attack Takeda, Thor and also Freya leaving them greatly hurt, causing Miu to lose control of her emotions and strike commonly. Kenichi would attempt to soothe her down and, self-conscious as well as asking forgiveness to Miu in advance, groped her breasts to bring her back to her senses. It functions as well as Miu slaps him silly source of it and Shō leaves in rage over Kenichi interfering of making Miu most likely to the dark side.

Japanese Restaurant Ryozanpaku in Japan

They get here to the fight and see Ukita defeated by Shiratori as well as amazed just how knowledgeable Shiratori is regardless of him being a reduced ranking participant. They both were conserved by Shiba and also were taken to Ryōzanpaku to be recovered by Akisame. He and Takeda view as Akisame chases after Shiba over what took place as well as tells Shiba he select the path of fighting styles himself. He later on is surprised to hear from Takeda that Shiratori is in fact a female stating he really did not recognize that either. Kenichi injuries have actually recovered and he has actually been getting utilized to it being simply him and also Miu at the dojo he has actually likewise been doing the training program Akisame left kind him but has been multiplying it, causing Miu to be pleased as well as pleased. When he as well as Miu get to school he asks Niijima regarding the status of points wondering when his masters will certainly return. Ukita teases him and also asks if he will certainly miss out on the days when it is simply he as well as Miu and also tells him if anything has taken place and if there are any kind of growths in his relationship with Miu he can tell him about it, which makes both Kenichi and also Miu humiliated.


Kenichi’s everyday routine changes to incorporate the consistent searchings of Ragnarök members who want to fight him. Later that day, Haruo Niijima dishonored Kenichi for being weak and not having any type of unique ability. The head of the club, Tsukuba, wishes to toss him out so he has him battle Daimonji with the loser having to leave the club. As Kenichi strolls residence clinically depressed concerning his circumstance, Kenichi sees Miu obtaining pestered by some hooligans ryo zan paku as well as see no one wants to assist however rather acts as if they see nothing. Kenichi attempted to stop them, but just struck the leader in the face with one punch. Just as the leader took out his knife to kill Kenichi, Miu take down all 3 troublemakers by herself thrilling Kenichi. Miu, seeing Kenichi’s desire to obtain stronger as well as strong feeling of justice, she welcomes him to sign up with Ryōzanpaku dojo.

Due to his “no-hitting women”, he considered make use of Kensei’s perverted relocations and Akisame’s Jujustu. Kenichi didn’t wish to hurt someone who liked flowers and recognized she was a great person required by Yami to do all this. Nonetheless, her dad, Tenmon Li, saw the entire point as well as started to assault the whole Partnership as well as Niijima noted that he’s on the same degree as the various other masters. They were ultimately conserved by Kenichi’s masters as well as Tenmon warned Kenichi that the other adherents of YOMI will deal with Kenichi to declare the title of Strongest Disciple and also asked him if he’ll still battle in the Katsujinken Method. On an objective he was sent out on with Sakaki and also Miu, he was given a dougi by his masters which greatly thrilled him for the present. Sakaki states he brought Kenichi on one of his harmful missions due to him desiring Kenichi to better understand the world of risk of fighting styles. Once on the goal, Christopher Eclair would attack them and belong to Yami and also Sakaki would fight him and Kenichi would certainly be kidnapped by Christopher.

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